One of the benefits about choosing Sandstone Bridge Center for your mental health needs is our progressive approach to therapy.  One of those modernized approaches is using Equine Therapy to assist our clients on their journey to healing.

Some of the benefits of Equine Therapy include building and strengthening confidence, self-efficacy, trust, social skills, perspective, boundaries, spiritual connectedness, self-acceptance, communication, and self image.  Equine therapy can also assist clients in learning to have more control over implusiveness and decrease the need/desire for isolation.


Take a moment to browse through some of the pictures we have of our four-legged "therapists" hard at work!

Meet Jets Lady in Lace a/k/a "Layla."  Layla is a gentle girl that just goes with the flow.  She can be stubborn at times and lazy.  Often bullied by the other horses, she tends to eat last, drink last but is always first choice to work with people due to her good nature.  These characterisitcs help foster overcoming challenges in a non threatening atmosphere, boundary setting, honesty and trust.


Why horses?


Horses offer several advantages. Obviously, their size offers a perfect opportunity for someone to overcome fear and develop confidence. Plus, just like us, horses experience a large variety of emotion, are intuitive and social animals with distinct personalities, attitudes and moods. They have defined roles within their herds comparable to human dynamics. Because of these similarities, horses can demonstrate and teach self-awareness, honest communication, trust, healthy boundaries, leadership, patience, assertiveness, play, affection, nurturance and more. Most importantly, horses have the ability to mirror exactly what human body language is telling them and therefore provide us with metaphors and lessons about ourselves to help facilitate change.

Our Location


Sandstone Bridge Center, LLC is located on a privately owned 23 acre property, Sandstone Acres.  Providing an atmosphere for reflection, renewal and relaxation, enjoy the nature and simplicity of rural life in the surrounding Smoky Valley!


Conveniently located off of Highway 4, once reaching our office, you will be greeted by our friendly animals and provided an opportunity to take in the beautiful scenery.




573 Shawnee Road

Marquette, KS  67464


Telephone: 785.577.4318

Email: info@ssbridgecenter.com


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