Mental and Behavioral Health Services

We specialize in treating a range of mental health conditions including depression, anxiety, addiction, post traumatic stress disorder, grief/bereavement and many other mental health concerns.

Our number one priority is to bring happiness and well-being to our clients' lives by restoring their mental balance. We want to help you break free from old habits, developing healthy coping skills and finding new ways to respond to life's challenging situations. 

For additional treatment services not mentioned here, please feel free to contact us.

Our Areas of Treatment

For Individuals 

As the name suggests, individual therapy is all about the patient as an individual. People seek professional help for various mental illnesses and our specialties include depression, anxiety, trauma, eating disorders, OCD and mood disorders.

For Couples & Families

Relationships should provide a sense of happiness and fulfillment, but can often end up in fighting and hurt feelings. Therapy can help couples and families work through their problems, help with communication and give valuable advice to relating differently.

For Groups


Group therapy can augment individual treatment plans, and sometimes it even replaces the one-on-one sessions completely. Group therapy provides a safe setting for real-life interaction with others.

Evaluations and Assessments

SSBC provides an opportunity to speak one-on-one with a licensed mental health provider, who will evaluate the nature of any problems you may be having.  Your therapist gets you involved through discussion of biological, psychological, and social factors affecting current circumstances. 

Presentations, Consulting and Workshops

The clinicians at Sandstone Bridge Center can customize any service to meet the needs of your school, church, organization, company or community group. 

Alternative Therapy Options

Prescription medications can make a great impact in an individual’s mental health progress; however, for those individuals that prefer a more holistic approach, we respects your views and beliefs. 

Our Location


Sandstone Bridge Center, LLC is located on a privately owned 23 acre property, Sandstone Acres.  Providing an atmosphere for reflection, renewal and relaxation, enjoy the nature and simplicity of rural life in the surrounding Smoky Valley!


Conveniently located off of Highway 4, once reaching our office, you will be greeted by our friendly animals and provided an opportunity to take in the beautiful scenery.




573 Shawnee Road

Marquette, KS  67464


Telephone: 785.577.4318



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