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Your first few sessions will be centered on you and your therapist establishing a treatment plan to best guide you in improving your mental and behavioral health needs.  These sessions may be centered on gathering information about your mental health, medical, medication and family history.  Your therapist may also ask that your complete various screenings, assessments or testing to ensure the most appropriate diagnosis and treatment goals.



The Initial Assessment is a 60-minute session that may take up to 2 sessions to complete. During this session, we will focus on your background, the reasons you are seeking counseling, and goal setting.  If it’s mutually agreed that ongoing therapy will be of benefit, we will discuss a recurring appointment schedule.


Therapy sessions following the Initial Assessment will be 45 - 60 minutes in length and will occur weekly or bi-weekly, depending on the client and therapist availability. Your therapist may recommend more frequent sessions if needed. Sessions are in-person or provided through our secure tele-therapy software.

Our Location


Sandstone Bridge Center, LLC is located on a privately owned 23 acre property, Sandstone Acres.  Providing an atmosphere for reflection, renewal and relaxation, enjoy the nature and simplicity of rural life in the surrounding Smoky Valley!


Conveniently located off of Highway 4, once reaching our office, you will be greeted by our friendly animals and provided an opportunity to take in the beautiful scenery.




573 Shawnee Road

Marquette, KS  67464


Telephone: 785.577.4318

Email: info@ssbridgecenter.com


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