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What will therapy be like?


Whether this is your first tentative exploration of the therapy process, or you are looking to resume the therapeutic experience with someone new, therapy is a unique and life changing experience. Sometimes a client is unsure of what to expect.


During your first session, you will likely need a lot of time to tell the therapist about yourself. Sometimes that will include unhappiness with one or more of your significant relationships, even a relationship from the past, such as with a deceased parent. Therapy is a collaborative process where we work together to establish goals for change — specifically, how you would like your life to be different when therapy is completed.


Our role as professionals in family therapy, marriage counseling and mental health issues is to help you look at how your belief systems, style of communication, and interactions are affecting your life, to examine what works and what does not, and to assist you with changing in ways that feel consistent with both the person you are and the person you want to become.


It is important that you feel comfortable any of the therapists that you choose and we welcome your feedback. We want you to feel safe, respected, supported – and we want you to feel that progress is being made. Periodically, your therapist will ask that you reassess your goals to assure you are proceeding in a direction that works for you.


Your therapist will probably want to see you weekly at the beginning. Each therapist is committed to being on time for sessions, and we will ask you to do the same. As you progress, we can decrease the session frequency as you wish.


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