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Areas of Treatment

Areas of Treatment 


At Sandstone Bridge Center, LLC, we offer services to treat a wide variety of mental health issues. The following areas are the most common areas of treatment. However, this list is not exclusive.  If you are needing counseling for an area not listed below, feel free to discuss that with one of our therapists..


Depression - Sadness, hopelessness, sleep disturbances, social withdrawal, irritability, guilt, lack of desire, poor concentration.


Anxiety– Panic attacks, phobias, 

Obsessive-compulsive behavior, fear.


Panic Disorders / Trauma / PTSD - Sexual, physical, verbal abuse, violence, witnessing/involvement in crime, event, rape, accident.


Sexual Disorders -  Difficulty during any stage of the sexual act (desire, arousal, orgasm, resolution) limiting/ preventing enjoyment of healthy sexual activity.


Addictions - Any recurring compulsion to engage in specific activity despite harmful consequences to the individual's health, mental state / social life.


LGBT Issues


Domestic Violence / Anger Management


Addiction Issues (Sex, porn, food, etc.)


Christian Counseling / Spirituality


Prenatal and Postpartum Depression


Life Changes -  Changes in life causing emotional, psychological/physical challenges (birth of a child, marriage, aging, beginning/ending relationship/job, death of loved one, sobriety).


Communication Difficulties -                

Difficulty identifying/expressing feelings/ emotions, defensiveness, feeling victimized, attacked/blamed, difficulties in understanding /listening to another, easily angered/triggered. 


Attachment - lack of connectedness within personal relationships.


Personality Disorders -  disturbances in self-image; inability to have successful interpersonal relationships; distortion of perceiving themselves, others, and the world; and difficulty possessing proper impulse control.


Sensory Processing -hypersensitivity/hyposensitivity to senses, poor muscle tone and/or coordination, social, emotional, play and self regulation dysfunction.


Parenting Issues


Trauma/PTSD Issues


Adoption Related Issues


Blended Families


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